What is it?
Software testing and quality assurance (Quality Assurance) is a set of procedures aimed at identifying:
- Vulnerable parts of software;
- inconsistencies with the tasks, standards, requirements of the customer;
- errors that could affect the quality of the finished product;
- inconvenient or illogical functional, interface and much more.
Our specialists will quickly and professionally help you test the software. This will save you not only from disgruntled users, but also from unnecessary waste, both labor and financial.

What for?
To invent and create an interesting game or other software is just half the battle. To release the really high-quality and popular product on the market, it needs to be checked well, in other words - to test it.
We offer quality testing that allows:
- Reduce the risk of introducing poor-quality software;
- increase efficiency and functionality;
- Reduce the cost of software maintenance;
- create software that best meets the needs and expectations of the user.
Developers, programmers are, first of all, people. They may be wrong. Software testing carried out by our specialists allows us to identify these shortcomings and make the necessary corrections at the testing stage. Thus, testing will create a software product that best meets the user's expectations.

We conduct software testing for various platforms:
- Desktop applications;
- WEB-applications (HTML5, JAVASCRIPT);
- Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS).

Types of testing
The testing of usability is the study of the interface for strong and weak points. We will also give recommendations on how to make the software more user-friendly.

Testing the user interface - checking the response of the user interface to the actions (standard and not so) of the user.

Functional testing - checking the accuracy of the tasks assigned to the software, compliance with standards, functional requirements.

Security testing - checking the vulnerability of the software to various attacks, protecting databases from unauthorized access.

Load testing - testing the health of the software with a large number of users.

Localization testing - verification of software adaptation to cultural and language differences between users.

Testing mobile applications - checking the correct installation of software on a mobile device, work and compatibility with other applications. Checking the correct operation with hardware differences, different operating systems, etc.

Why us?
It is not always expedient to keep the staff of testers. It is much more convenient (and often economically more profitable) to expand the company's resources by external specialists. Our company can test your software not only remotely, but also at the customer's office.

Testing conducted by our specialists is a guarantee:
- quality;
- professional approach;
- optimal time and financial costs.

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